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Student-ready arts integration and STEAM units have arrived.  No more spending hours to create a robust integration unit.  Each of these unit lesson plans contains everything you need – from videos to materials – all in one spot.

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rhythms of rio
measurement data infographics
Illuminated Initials unit
van gogh unit
Mandalas Music Math Unit

We’re Innovating Integration…Again.

One of the biggest struggles with Arts Integration and STEAM is TIME.  As teachers, we never have enough time to get through everything, much less plan for an in-depth, standards-based, integrated lesson.

That’s why we have created this whole new resource for K-12 educators.  These units have been crafted with you in mind.  Each unit provides you with everything you need to move through an Arts Integration or STEAM unit.  That includes all of the video, audio, worksheet supplements, resources, and assessments.  

So all you’ll need to do is click and facilitate.

You can use these units in a variety of ways, including:

As a direct instruction for large groups…

In center rotations…

As a resource for substitutes…

Or in a Flipped Classroom…

The possibilities are only limited to your purpose and passion.


And we hear you…funds are limited.  That’s why we’re committed to making these sample STEAM unit resources FREE to you.  So no matter what, you’ll have access to high-quality and vigorous arts integration and STEAM lesson plans.


We’re proud to be partnering with Versal, a leader in online course creation and delivery for students.

Each of our free teaching units are self-contained, so once you enter you won’t have to go anywhere else.  It’s all there for you!

And yes….it’s all FREE.

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