Even Shakespeare Had an English Teacher

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Lately, I've been reading and watching everything I can get my hands on by Sir Ken Robinson.  I have been profoundly touched by his poignant and funny speeches his has given at TED and by his ideas on creativity.  [...]

Your Work of Art

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At a recent conference, I was able to participate in a forum based around the idea of creativity and innovation in education.  This is a very hot topic right now, and for good reason.  If we're gong to participate [...]

Diversity of Talent

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As you know, I've been studying a bit of Sir Ken Robinson lately and have really been recharged by his work.  I had listened to him years ago and remember being struck by his wisdom then, though I think [...]

Masters Are Learners

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Do any of you watch "Top Chef" on Bravo?  My husband and I are kind of addicted to the show.  It's reality with a little drama and a lot of kitchen knowledge.  I love watching what creative dishes they [...]

No Right Brain Left Behind

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Have you seen this presentation yet?  If not, I invite you to look through the 13 slide below and really think about what this means for the future of our students.  What a powerful message!   No Right Brain [...]

Research Kills Creativity

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I heard a phrase at a conference once which rocked me to my core. Research kills creativity. This little sentence has disturbed and delighted me ever since in my education career.  Education is based on research.  We rely on [...]