One of the areas we love to promote here on EducationCloset is STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math as a way to integrate across all content areas.  But we have been hearing more and more frustrations in trying to find resources that truly provide students with a genuine STEAM experience.  To assist with this, we’ve compiled our list of top STEAM Apps of 2013 for integration in any classroom.

Each component of STEAM has a selection of 4 apps that are directly linked to either their corresponding website or link to download through iTunes.  This makes downloading the apps as easy as possible.  We’ve also included apps for helping you with classroom management and assessment of STEAM lessons.  Because STEAM integration is so hands-on and interactive, classroom management can be a challenge.  These apps can help provide you with some ways to both differentiate and provide some structure to the classroom environment.  In the assessment section, we’ve provided you with some ways you can use portfolios, student choice, and even an app for helping your special education students share their understanding.

We hope this resource is something that is truly meaningful to your teaching practice and helps you to explore the exciting world of STEAM integration.  We’ll be adding to this list periodically, so if you have an app that you’d highly recommend and would like to see included, please send it to us in the comments section below.  Happy integrating!