One of the great things I’ve learned about technology is that in order for it to be used, you sometimes need to provide a little jump start for educators.  While the “cool factor” of an iPad or SMARTboard is there, many teachers just walk past it, “ooing” and “ahhing” but never picking it up to try it out.  That’s why I recommend providing lesson seeds for any piece of technology you introduce into the classroom.

I did this very thing with one of our Arts Integration elementary schools.  They are a “techy” staff and love to try the latest gear out in their classrooms.  Yet, when I wanted them to use an iPad for their Arts Integration lessons, the teachers just didn’t know what or how to use this tool for that purpose.  So, I loaded up the Arts Integration Apps I would recommend and then chose 5 of them to write lesson seeds for.  These lesson seeds came complete with aligned objectives, ways to use the app in a multitude of subjects, and some assessment ideas.  I also made sure the lesson seed was broad enough that it could easily be adapted for any grade level, K-5.  Sure enough, it did the trick!  Now, teachers are referencing the lesson seeds, creating new lessons from things that inspired them during the seed lesson and more teachers are trying out this new technology.  It’s a win-win!

As part of today’s FREE Friday, you’ll get one of these lesson seeds that you can download for your own classroom.  Just click on the picture below to start your download.  And please come back to share your stories of how this worked for your classroom – I always love to hear your feedback.  Happy Friday!


App – National Geographic for Kids