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STEAM Point Book

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  • Are you struggling with assessing the Arts and other process-based learning?  
  •  Do you want to find ways to authentically embed STEM strategies within instruction?

In this latest book, I provide you with practical solutions for Curriculum Mapping, Lesson Seeds and Assessments which are aligned with and correlated to the Common Core State Standards.

Printed in vibrant color with samples and templates that are ready for you to use right away, this is one resource you’ll turn to again and again!


What’s Included?

1. It’s formatted in a logical, beautiful way.  I took a lot of time figuring out how to best layout this book to be useful and yet something you’ll love to look at.  It comes in 3 parts: Curriculum Mapping, Lesson Seeds, and Assessments.  The whole book is printed in vibrant color using a full bleed on the page.  And the back contains 4 Appendices that share the Common Core Standards, STEM Standards of Practice, Fine Arts Standards, Arts Elements, and Strategy Guides.

2. Alignment.  All of the Curriculum Maps are aligned to the Common Core Standards for English and Math, the Lesson Seeds provide clear natural links across subject areas and the Assessment Strategies tie in Common Core Standards, Rubrics, Formative and Performance Assessments that are authentic to both areas.

3. Reproduce-ability.  This book not only provides you with ready-made maps, lesson seeds and assessments, it also provides you with templates to help you create your own, and assessment materials for both teachers and students that you can copy as you need.

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Want to see more?  Read an excerpt from STEAM Point right here.


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What are others saying about STEAM Point?


“Wow is the first thing that comes to mind after reading the STEAM book!  There are so many great ideas that make so much sense. I like the way your writing addresses the questions your readers will have before those questions get a chance to fully form in their mind.

Reading the assessment part has given me a new and much more positive outlook on assessment.  You do a great job of helping others see ways to fit things together, even the things that others may not see ways to connect at first. The way you present information in this book makes it understandable when it may seem way too complicated otherwise.”

- Melissa Edwards,  Instructional Technology Specialist

Figuring Out How the Pieces Fit


“So much work has been done here for the educator.  Susan has created curriculum maps that align the Common Core State Standards with the National Arts Standards and intertwine with both STEM concepts and lesson ideas in one reference.  This is followed by 10 complete and attractively presented lesson seeds, where Susan explains in more detail an integration lesson idea which includes all the information a teacher would need to modify the idea for his or her group of students and implement the lesson into his or her classroom.

The section on assessment takes the pressure off the idea that assessment is finite and poses it as more of a natural process of growth for teacher and student.  Included are many practical and useful options for teachers who may be weary of the idea of assessing something they may not feel qualified to teach.  These assessments include formative, portfolios, and performance.  Susan includes ideas for each type of assessment, again making it easy for a teacher to make true integration happen in their classroom.

Steam Point is the type of book I want at my fingertips as I plan my lessons and collaborate with colleagues.  It is easy to reference and is full of quality, integrated ideas spanning all the major driving forces of educational curriculum. Susan has written the book I have wanted to write, read and share with my colleagues and adult students!”

- Elizabeth Peterson, Teacher and Arts Integration Specialist

The Inspired Classroom

How Can You Grab Your Copy?

It’s easy!  STEAM Point is available from your favorite retailers listed below.  Just click on your book retailer of choice and you can order your copy today.

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