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An Arts Integration and STEAM

Curriculum Supplement

Comprehensive K-5 arts integration and STEAM curriculum. Delivered monthly in a convenient, digital platform.

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What is the IntegratED Curriculum?

The Integrated Curriculum is the only all-inclusive arts integration and STEAM curriculum supplement.  Available as a grade-level monthly or yearly subscription, new materials are added each month.

Inside this digital curriculum are monthly packs with lessons, assessments and activities.  Each lesson pack is carefully aligned to E/LA, Math, Social Studies and Science Standards with multiple arts areas.

All the work has been done to save you time and let you do what you do best: TEACH.

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...Lessons. Powerpoints. Assessments. Handouts. PD. Everything you need has been created for you. So you can do what you do best: TEACH.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Arts Integration and STEAM Curriculum.

No more spending hours searching the internet for lessons that may or may not work. This supplement provides everything you need and has been developed by the world-respected team at EducationCloset. So you know it’s good.


3 lessons are provided in each bi-monthly pack.


Student resources and templates in each pack.


Standards-aligned assessments for each lesson.


Bi-monthly videos with tips, techniques and PD hours.


Everything is immediately available in your digital area.


Every lesson comes with a ready-made powerpoint. Click and go.

A Cohesive Curriculum Approach.

This supplement is meant to work with your current curriculum sequences.  Every other month, you’re provided with 3 lessons connected to E/LA, Math, Social Studies and Science Standards.

Each unit is based in a specific arts period.  And in the “off” months, you’re provided with video-based PD to help you get ready for the upcoming unit.  These PD videos even come with a certificate for 2 hours. So you’re always supported, each step of the way.

Integrated Curriculum Map for Grades K-5

Take a Sneak Peek Inside

When we say “comprehensive”, we mean it.  Here’s everything you’ll get with your monthly or yearly subscription in your grade level:

Lesson Packs

3 New Lessons Every Other Month

You'll get (3) fully-developed lesson plans every other month. Each lesson connects an arts area and a content area.

All lessons come with assessments and student handouts - the prep is completely done for you.

Lessons are connected to the content sequence you're already covering. They fit in seemlessly!

Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, Theater, Dance, and Media Arts



Included with each lesson

Every lesson comes with a downloadable powerpoint. You can use and edit these to enhance lesson delivery.

Powerpoints contain all lesson images and videos.



Student Versions and Teacher Rubrics

Each lesson includes a student assessment and a teacher scoring rubric.

Get clear, measureable data on how students grow in both the content and arts areas.



Strategy cards and warm-ups for any lesson

You'll have access to over 40 warm up strategies to use in each of the arts areas.

Use these 10-minute warm ups in any lesson to quickly and easily integrate the arts.

Visual Art, Music, Theater, Dance and Media Arts warm-ups

Includes these content areas:

Student Resources

Handouts for each lesson included

We've done all the heavy lifting for you. No more spending hours creating student resources.

Each lesson includes helpful student handouts, resources, scripts, and printable activities.

Just print and go!

Teacher PD

Video-based PD included every other month

In the months when you don't receive a set of lessons, you'll receive (2) video-based PD sessions.

These PD videos will help you learn new strategies and offer an overview of each lesson.

Each PD month gives you a 2-hour PD certificate.

Includes a personalized PD Certificate

How it Works

This supplement is now available for grades K-5. Upon purchase, you’ll receive immediate access to the month-to-month grade-level integrated curriculum through a secure digital site.

How it Works

This curriculum supplement is now available for grades K-5. Upon purchase, you’ll receive immediate access to the month-to-month grade-level integrated curriculum through a secure digital site.

Monthly or Yearly Subscriptions

This is the first arts integration and STEAM curriculum of its kind. It is highly anticipated for its depth, ease of use and the time it saves teachers like you.

To make this as affordable as possible, you’re able to purchase the curriculum on a month-to-month basis or as a one-time yearly subscription.  


Individual Grade-Level Pricing 

$19/month or


K-5 Pricing for Arts Teachers who teach all grade levels

$29/month or



** This is ONLY for grades K-5.  Grades 6-12 will be available for pre-order in the spring of 2018.

Access your integrated curriculum now.

Ready to save yourself time and bring the highest-quality arts integration and STEAM experiences to your students?

Select the option that’s best for you below.



(or $199/year)

One (1) Teacher

3-lesson pack for (1) grade

New ones added bi-monthly 

PD trainings added bi-monthly

Full Lesson Library Access




(or $299/year)

One (1) Arts Teacher

(6) 3-lesson packs for Grades K-5

New ones added bi-monthly

PD trainings added bi-monthly

Full K-5 Lesson Library Access



Unlimited Teachers

3-lesson packs for all grades

New ones added bi-monthly

PD trainings added bi-monthly

Full K-5 Lesson Library Access


Using a Purchase Order?

We accept purchase orders for yearly access to the curriculum.  Fill out this PO form to use this option.


Have a question or need to contact us?  We’d love to hear from you!


We want you to feel totally comfortable ordering this new curriculum. So if you still have some questions, we’ll be happy to answer them!

What’s the difference between this and your free lessons/units?

This curriculum supplement is much more comprehensive and cohesive.  This truly contains everything you’re going to need for a stellar arts integration lesson/unit: aligned standards, lesson plans, student resources, assessments – it’s all included in each lesson pack.  This curriculum supplement is also designed to work into your current curriculum.  We align our lessons with what you’re already doing in the curriculum.  There’s no “fitting it in” – it naturally works into your current guides.

This integrated curriculum also builds upon each month.  It’s very strategic and meant to provide your students with a sequential experience that makes sense in the classroom.

Our free lessons and units are limited to just the lesson or you have to do a bunch of work to make them fit into what you’re already doing.  This supplement does all of that for you!

Can I use a purchase order?

Yes! You may use a purchase order IF you are a school purchasing year-long access for at least one teacher.  Please contact us here to use a PO.

Is this for one-grade level or does my purchase include all grades K-5?

Your purchase will include integrated curriculum for your grade level.  Pricing is per teacher.  If you are a classroom teacher, you should select the Classroom Teacher option. This includes a new 3-lesson pack every other month. If you are an arts teacher who teaches grades K-5, you should purchase the K-5 option that includes all grades. You will receive (6) new 3-lesson packs – totaling 18 lessons – every other month.  On the off months, you’ll receive 2 new PD video trainings to support your work.

Is this a one-time payment or a subscription?

The Integrated Curriculum is provided as a monthly OR yearly subscription which will renew each year unless you decide to cancel.  New lesson packs will continue to be added every other month, so you’ll always have something fresh for your classroom.

Cancelation is easy.  If you feel this isn’t right for you, you’ll be able to cancel at anytime inside your members area at the click of a button.

Given the nature of a digital curriculum product, refunds are not available with this purchase.

What if my school wants to purchase this for multiple teachers?

We have a great team of people who are here to help.  Please invite your school administrator to give us a call or send us an email with the amount of teachers they would like to pre-order for and we’ll handle it from there.

Phone/Text: 443-821-1088 or Email us here