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Digital K-8 Arts Integration & STEAM Curriculum Supplement

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IntegratED Curriculum?

IntegratED is the only all-inclusive arts integration and STEAM curriculum supplement.  Everything is digital and online. Available for instant access, all the materials are ready for you to use right away.


download your integrated lessons, assessments and resources


teach STEAM and arts integration with confidence and ease


watch your students grow, connect and explore

Inside this digital curriculum are lessons, assessments and resources carefully aligned to E/LA, Math, Social Studies and Science Standards with multiple arts areas.

All the work has been done to save you time and let you do what you do best: TEACH.


What’s Included

Save time with these authentic, fully-planned arts integration and STEAM experiences.

This curriculum supplement provides everything you need for engaging, hands-on, creative learning focused on 21st century skills.

Comprehensive Lesson Plans

There are 15-18 lesson plans per grade that are included. Multi-grade licenses include 105-108 lessons.

These lessons include step-by-step sequences to ensure you’re successful each and every time.

Every lesson is aligned with two standards: one content standard and one arts standard.  We use the Common Core, Next Generation Science and National Arts Standards.

Corresponding Powerpoints

You’ll get a powerpoint for every lesson. These powerpoints make it simple for you to use each lesson. 

Your artwork examples, videos, sound clips and directions are all provided within your slidedecks.  Plus, each slidedeck is editable.  If you want to add your own flair, you can!

Ready-Made Resources

Professionally designed resources and materials are included.

No more stressing about creating student worksheets or support materials.  Every reference, handout and card is included with each lesson.

Done-For-You Assessments

Teacher and student assessments are provided. Inside each lesson pack, you’ll find a teacher scoring guide. 

There’s also a corresponding student scoring guide, which helps to build reflection and evaluation capacity.

Professional Development that’s Baked In

You’ll receive an entire professional development video library in the curriculum platform.

Once you click in, you’ll be able to view a variety of arts integration strategy videos, as well as lesson overviews. 

These videos offer you incredible background information and little-known facts.  So you’ll feel prepared and confident with each lesson.


Want to see a demo of the IntegratED Curriculum? Watch this short video that takes you behind the scenes.

Then, download a few sample lessons to see if this is right for you.


What can IntegratED do for my school?

Research shows that when students use arts integration and STEAM, there are incredible benefits.  Here’s just a few:

Increased achievement

Schools see an average increase of 10-15% student achievement across all populations.  For underserved populations, there is an average increase of 20% or more.

Increased engagement

Schools using arts integration and STEAM curriculum report high levels of student engagement and excitement for the learning process.

21st Century Skill Development

Students who use our supplementary curriculum have shown an average increase of 30% or more in proficiency on targeted E/LA, Math and Science concepts.

Increased attendance

Because students are so engaged during the integrated lessons, they don’t want to miss school!


** View the research on arts integration and STEAM based on over 30 years of studies.

A Cohesive Curriculum Approach.

This supplement is meant to work with your current curriculum sequences.  Each quarter, your lessons connect to the E/LA, Math, Social Studies and Science Standards you’re working on.

Each K-5 unit is based in a specific arts period.  For our 6-12 students, the curriculum is organized around 6 real-world themes.

Your PD videos will highlight information about both your content and arts area.  So you’re always supported, each step of the way.

integrated curriculum scope and sequence

Simple Pricing

This is the first arts integration and STEAM curriculum of its kind. It is highly anticipated for its depth, ease of use and the time it saves teachers like you.

Our goal is to help all teachers have access to these high-quality materials. So we’ve made pricing simple and affordable. 

Individual Grade-Level Pricing : $199 (for classroom teachers)

Multi Grade-Level Pricing: $299 (for those who teach multiple grades, such as arts teachers, counselors, and media specialists)


** This is ONLY for grades K-8.  Grades 9-12 will be available for purchase in mid-2019.

Access your curriculum now.

Ready to save yourself time and bring the highest-quality arts integration and STEAM experiences to your students?  View our clear and simple pricing below. Select the option that works best for you.



One-time Payment.

Per Teacher – 18 lessons, assessments and resources



One-time Payment.

Per Teacher – 108 lessons, assessments and resources



One-time Payment.

15% discount for groups of 3 or more teachers. Mix and match any grade.



Have a question or need to contact us?  We’d love to hear from you!


We want you to feel totally comfortable ordering this new curriculum. So if you still have some questions, we’ll be happy to answer them!

What’s the difference between this and your free lessons/units?

This curriculum supplement is much more comprehensive and cohesive.  This truly contains everything you’re going to need for a stellar arts integration lesson/unit: aligned standards, lesson plans, student resources, assessments – it’s all included in each lesson pack.  This curriculum supplement is also designed to work into your current curriculum.  We align our lessons with what you’re already doing in the curriculum.  There’s no “fitting it in” – it naturally works into your current guides.

This curriculum also builds upon each month.  It’s very strategic and meant to provide your students with a sequential experience that makes sense in the classroom.

Our free lessons and units are limited to just the lesson or you have to do a bunch of work to make them fit into what you’re already doing.  This supplement does all of that for you!

Can I use a purchase order?

Yes! You may use a purchase order IF you are a school purchasing year-long access for at least one teacher.  Please contact us here to use a PO.

Is this for one-grade level or does my purchase include all grades K-5 or 6-12?

Your purchase will include curriculum for your grade level.  Pricing is per teacher.  If you are a classroom teacher, you should select the Classroom Teacher option. This includes a 18 lessons and 12 PD videos. If you are an arts teacher who teaches grades K-5, you should purchase the K-5 multi-grade option. You will receive 108 lessons and corresponding PD videos. If you are an arts teacher who teaches multiple grades 6-8, 9-12 or 6-12, you should purchase the 6-12 multi-grade option. You will receive 105 lessons and corresponding PD videos. All resources are available immediately in your digital platform upon purchase.

What if my school wants to purchase this for multiple teachers?

We have a friendly team of people who are here to help.  Please invite your school administrator to give us a call or send us an email with the amount of teachers they would like to pre-order for and we’ll handle it from there.

Phone/Text: 443-821-1089 or Email us here

Is this a printed curriculum?

No. This curriculum is completely available online.  If you would like to print it out, you may, but nothing is shipped.  You will receive access to login and receive your materials immediately upon payment.