Why reinvent the wheel? Download these ready-made arts integration resources instead.

Each of these online teacher resources has been created to help you implement arts integration and STEAM right away. Just download and print.

  • Student feedback form for assessment

A New Twist on Feedback Forms

5 PBL and the Arts Lesson Ideas

5 Tips for an Artful Field Trip

Mark It Up Strategy

The Downside of Creative Ideas

Asking the Right Questions

#NoPermissionRequired Posters

Arts Integration Cart Checklist

Share Your Arts Love

2013 Tech Tools for the Arts

April Vision Board

Thinking Out Loud

  • arts and math k-5 vocabulary

Speaking a Common Math Language

  • arts and literacy common vocabulary

Are you Trans-Literate?

How Do You Teach Innovation?

  • integrate the curriculum

5 Shades of Integration

The Pocket Guide to Integration

End of the Year Organizer

The Brain-Friendly Classroom

Creativity Infographic