Arts Integration Certification

Level I and Level II Certification for Arts Integration Specialists and Leaders.

The Arts Integration Certification Program

The EducationCloset Arts Integration Certification Program is an intensive, one-year online program of study for educators who want to become Arts Integration Specialists. 

Leading arts integration efforts requires clarity, vision and the ability to share the approach with everyone from community members to seasoned educators.

This certification program gives you the skills and tools you need to lead a successful school or district initiative for integrating the arts.  We’ve already helped hundreds of educators and we’d be honored to work with you too.

Who is the program for?

Whether you want to become a national leader in using Arts Integration or the go-to person in your school/district for STEAM and Arts Integration, this certification program will help you to:

  • Learn proven strategies in and through the arts

  • Confidently make connections across the curriculum

  • Create models of success for arts integration and STEAM

  • Build buy-in and maximize your impact

  • Collaborate with teachers, administrators and community members

  • Design inspiring and innovative learning opportunities for all students

  • Assess maker-centered approaches and use data to make meaningful change.

What Sets This Program Apart?

If you feel like you’re the only one using this approach and frustrated that you can’t get others on board – we can help.  Once you’re accepted into this program, you’ll have guidance and support from a community of like-minded educators in a safe and encouraging space.

01 | Dedicated Coaches Invested in You

You’re never alone in this program. Your mentor will get to know you, provide direct feedback weekly and help guide your next steps.

02 | Extraordinary Community

Upon acceptance, you’ll be carefully placed into a cohort of between 25-28 other educators.  These amazing people will encourage, support, and collaborate with you all year long – and beyond!  Previous graduates have found lifelong connections with their cohort groups.

03 | Unparalleled Access

Want to have direct access to the entire EducationCloset team?  This program moves you to the front of the line – always.  Ask us anything, we’re here to help.  You’ll always be treated with understanding, honesty and respect.  And once you’re a part of our community, you have lifetime access at no additional charge.

04 | Timeless Approach

We’ve built this program on the bedrock of the arts integration approach: authenticity and integrity. You’ll move through a purposeful sequence of coursework that both stretches and fulfills you.  And, you’ll be able to apply everything immediately in your current role.

The program has offered me more than I could’ve imagined. Over the past 7 years in my current role, I have made some changes to our program approach, implemented new ideas, and helped to reignite a collaborative environment. However, thanks to the Education Closet certification program, this current school year has seen the biggest impact on ideas, collaborations, and programs.

I have learned so much regarding the nuts and bolts of arts integration, that I’ve found myself inspiring others when sharing what I’ve learned. I’ve done long and short presentations, modeled lessons and strategies, collaborated on the creation of lessons and units, listened to and responded to the needs of my staff and have succeeded in bringing our magnet theme back to the forefront. The certification process has caused my brain to spark ideas (sometimes I can’t keep up with the sparks!) and expanded my love of teaching using arts integration. It has confirmed for me that this approach brings teachers and students together allowing time to practice true collaboration.

I’m grateful to be a part of the certification program. The sprints offer what needs to be learned in bite size increments that allow for deep learning and offer ample time for project development that authentically represents the topic learned. I am a better teacher because of this program and soon I’ll hopefully be able to say with conviction that I am officially a certified Arts Integration Specialist.



It’s your time. Time to lead innovative and successful arts integration initiatives – no matter where you are. If you’re ready for a learning experience that will challenge and fulfill you, get on the waitlist now.