The Elements of Art Anchor Charts

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One of the easiest ways to access the arts in the classroom is through the Elements of Art, Music, Drama, Design and Dance.  Each art form has a set of basic elements that are interwoven throughout the curriculum. What's [...]

20 Education 3D Printing Resources

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3D Printing is a rapidly changing technology.  So it's no wonder that teachers are sometimes intimidated by this medium.  To help make this all a little more manageable, I've curated a list of 3D printing resources specifically for education. [...]

Creative Experience: Sketchbook Challenges

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Sketchbook Challenges are perfect for building your creative skills in a low-stakes way that can be a personal collection of your own artistic growth. What are sketchbook challenges? They are collections of artistic prompts to get your problem-solving creative [...]

K-5 Arts Integration Curriculum Planning Kit

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Are you ever frustrated with the lack of time for arts integration in your curriculum?  Lack of time for planning is one of the biggest barriers for most teachers.  This is especially true for you elementary educators who are swamped the [...]

40 STEAM Apps and Websites

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We're dubbing 2017 the Summer of Creativity and we want you to join in.  What better way to do that than with some new STEAM apps and websites to explore?  We've found 20 apps and 20 websites that you [...]

Top 20 Books for Teachers in 2017

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It's that time of year!  Our annual picks for the top 20 books for teachers have arrived.  Just in time for longer summer days, you can dive into these insightful and perspective-changing reads. This year, our teacher reading list includes selections [...]

A New Twist on Feedback Forms

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  Do you know what researchers have discovered to be the most powerful form of assessment for students? High quality feedback. And we're not talking small potatoes when it comes to impact.  High quality feedback can increase student learning [...]

5 Fast Arts-Focused Brain Breaks

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For many, this may be one of the last days before a holiday break.  And if you're already on break, you know that when the students get back there will still be plenty of left-over excitement from the holidays. [...]