Visual Arts Activities for Mindfulness

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Last month, we discussed how you might cultivate mindfulness in visual art practices. This month, let’s dig in one step further and discuss specific visual arts activities you might introduce into your classroom to encourage a mindful environment.   [...]

My Top iPad Apps for Creation

By | 2016-10-29T11:34:19+00:00 October 13th, 2016|

A few years back I was lucky enough to gain access to a cart of iPads. After downloading countless apps for student use in my art room over the years, I've found three that I would consider my top [...]

Creating Classroom Arts Centers: Visual Art

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In any arts integrated classroom, implementing arts integration strategies, aligning content standards organically with standards in the fine arts, and crafting quality arts integrated lessons is key. However, there is room to allow for open-ended, creative expression of content [...]

Adding Details to Writing with Degas

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If you teach writing at the elementary level, you've probably read quite a few student-written "bed-to-bed" narrative stories. You know the ones -- they begin with the student waking up, list the events that happened throughout the day, and [...]