School Spotlight: Fundraising with STEAM

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As most of us know, schools often need fundraisers throughout the year to support various programs and purchase much needed supplies for their classrooms.  These typically involve parents selling various candles, bags and wrapping paper to help support the [...]

20 Education 3D Printing Resources

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3D Printing is a rapidly changing technology.  So it's no wonder that teachers are sometimes intimidated by this medium.  To help make this all a little more manageable, I've curated a list of 3D printing resources specifically for education. [...]

40 STEAM Apps and Websites

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We're dubbing 2017 the Summer of Creativity and we want you to join in.  What better way to do that than with some new STEAM apps and websites to explore?  We've found 20 apps and 20 websites that you [...]

Stained Glass Solvents STEAM Lesson

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In this STEAM lesson for grades 4-5, students will be connecting science and art using a variety of solvents and oil pastels.  This is a wonderful way to begin studying chemistry and understanding how science is applied in a [...]

Virtual Compositions Lesson Plan

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When it comes to arts integration in high school, the standards don't always make it easy.  That's because high school arts standards need to provide pathways for students who haven't had additional arts experiences in elementary and/or middle school, [...]

Thanksgiving Internet Scavenger Hunt

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Internet Scavenger Hunts build computer competency and research skills. Plus they’re fun! These can be used as stand-alone activities or races. I use Internet Scavenger Hunts with Google Classroom, but there are many platforms out there that you can [...]