Funding Arts Integration

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As we near the beginning of the school year, I want to purposefully address one of the elephants in the room when it comes to arts integration.  One of the largest issues I have heard teachers come up against [...]

The Types of Assessment for Learning

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Assessment is certainly a hot topic in education.  Teachers everywhere are (rightfully) concerned that we've become overly preoccupied with assessing student knowledge. Instead, we should be flipping the switch and refocus on what really matters: student learning.   But student learning [...]

First 5 Days Framework

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Editor's note: this week, our team at EdCloset is taking time off to be with our families during the holiday season.  All of our articles this week will be selected features from our newsletters this past year.  Like what [...]

Rearrange your Planning Time

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In today's smART ideas video tip, I'm sharing a whole new way to rearrange your planning time.  It's called "batching" and it can truly transform how you utilize the precious time that you get to plan and organize your [...]

The Syllabus: 3 Ways to Make it Engaging

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It is common practice to provide a syllabus in secondary levels.  However, we tend to just read through it with our students.  This is boring, uneventful, and results in students forgetting the important information.  Here are my top 3 [...]

Integrated Scope and Sequence Planner

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If you're planning on revamping or revitalizing your curriculum and lessons, this is one planning document I really recommend you download.  This planner helps you organize your thinking around what you need to consider when planning for the year, [...]

6 Steps to Creating a STEAM Classroom

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One of the most common questions I'm asked is how to break down the STEAM process in the classroom.  Putting together a single STEAM lesson is one thing, but trying to use the approach with consistency and integrity can be [...]