5 Reasons to get Certified in Arts Integration

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Getting certified in arts integration can be a big decision.  For example, our arts integration specialist certification program is an intensive, year-long program that involves a considerable investment of time and money.  There's a lot of work involved and it's [...]

Winter 2017 Conference Preview

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Our 2017 Winter Online STEAM and Arts Integration Conference is rapidly approaching! As we are busy behind the scenes getting this event ready to broadcast to you, our registrants in just a few short weeks, we wanted to give [...]

ABCs of Classroom Management

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Strong classroom management is essential to academic achievement. We could be outstanding at crafting high-quality lessons, units, and projects, but if we don’t have a structured way of managing our students, they won’t reap the benefits of our planning. [...]

What To Do With An Overload of Ideas

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Summer is a great time to read, attend conferences, and learn about new ideas to reinvigorate your teaching for the upcoming school year. I just finished a week of personal professional development, working my way through the Designed to [...]