Emulate Don’t Imitate

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Emulate don't imitate. Look deeply into an idea or technique then leap and make it your own. Imitation beyond the point of initial mastery means we lack of trust in our own creative voice. We often believe that it [...]

Drill Down Deep To Find Out Why

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Remember when you first decided to become an educator? Why? Why did you make that most important of decisions? I seriously doubt it was on a lark, to make a lot of money or for the "summer's off." It's [...]

Thinker? Optimizer? Adventurer?

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Last week I delivered a series of workshops called "Embracing Change" to a  governmental agency. The curriculum was interesting and applicable to work, home and personal life. Part of the workshop examined personal working styles and how they influence [...]

Make Up Your Mind To Be A Luminary

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This week has marked the 7th year of the Creating Communities Arts Mentorship Academy. It's the flagship summer arts program that the nonprofit I direct provides to nearly 70 low-income "Children of Great Promise." The program is 100% scholarship [...]

Not Everything That Counts Can Be Counted

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"Not everything that can be counted counts. Not everything that counts can be counted." William Bruce Cameron Congratulations! You made it through the school year with all its triumphs, setbacks, disappointments and positive breakthroughs! Seriously, take a deep breath [...]

5 Signs of a Dysfunctional Classroom

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I visited almost fifteen schools this past year as an arts integration expert and saw many great teachers and students working together to create great classroom experiences. At the same time, I saw some classrooms where learning had stagnated [...]

Teach Like A Jazz Musician

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Jazz music is the ultimate art form that fuses mastery, mentoring, improvisation, communication and many other creative concepts into a unique approach that offers many insights to teachers. Here are five ways to teach like a jazz musician: 1. [...]

Teacher 2.0

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I am dating myself but I have two really vivid memories of computers and the internet. The first was in middle school sitting at these giant mounted computer keyboards with spools of green and white paper that had small [...]

Teach Like Leonardo

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Who doesn't love Leonardo da Vinci? The Renaissance master has set the bar high for scientists, naturalists, artists, poets and our Western culture in general. What can we learn from Leonardo on how to be better educators? Here are [...]

The Real Power of Arts Integration

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In her profound book Emotional Sobriety, Dr. Tian Dayton shares research on how learning is "double coded" for children - cognitively and emotionally. In addition, there is a section dedicated to the "emotional body" and how learning and life [...]

Students Practice Compassion through Mathematics

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As an arts integration consultant and Executive Director of Creating Communities, I receive incredible opportunities to use the arts to affect real change and provide meaningful learning experiences. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with the 7th grade [...]

How to write a Summary Song

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I have been working with 3rd graders this past week at three different elementary schools. We wrote twelve summary songs in three days and my head is swimming with rhymes and images about folk tales, coral reefs and animals [...]