Do We Really Assess What We Value?

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A few weeks ago I shared that my school district is in the process of exploring ways to make our libraries future-ready, relevant learning commons in our schools. Early on we determined that it was necessary to define the [...]

In Search of Failure

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When was the last time you went looking for failure?  This might sound like one of those knock-on-woods moments, as if your brain is subtly whispering "No, no! She didn't mean failure, Universe.  She meant something that looks like [...]

Leading an Arts Integration Effort

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In today's episode of EducationCloset On-Demand, we're helping leaders to tackle all of the moving pieces that are part of supporting an arts integration effort.  So many times, leaders ask me if they are doing it "right" and if they [...]

Voices from the Field: Wiley Magnet Middle School

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This year, EducationCloset will be featuring school, district, state, and non-profit leaders that are breaking new ground with implementing STEAM/arts integration in their communities. This special series "Voices from the Field" will illustrate leaders that are on the cutting [...]

STEAM Leadership: Keep It Simple in 2015

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Transitioning from one year to the next is often filled with time to reflect, gain insights, and the golden opportunity to push the "reset" button for new exciting opportunities.  As you enter 2015 you have probably thought about some [...]