Telling Stories with Sound

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Sound is all around us.  It surrounds us as we go about our daily lives.  At any given moment we could be listening to pleasant sounds or not-so-pleasant sounds.  We become so used to these environmental sounds that, indeed, [...]

A Case for Culinary Arts

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  Tucked away in a corner of our originally-a-bomb-shelter middle school, next to the technology lab, stood a room lined with ovens, sinks and cabinets, forming 12 miniature kitchens. Culinary Arts was a mandatory class for all 7th grade [...]

Looking for the Lonely

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  It is difficult sometimes to find the time to address the silent thoughts of our students. We are always running around with supplies or putting out fires, not even pausing to take a breath and realize that there [...]

The Art of Creating Community

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  As teaching-artists and artist-teachers, every September we have bestowed upon us a fresh group of learners, yet it is up to us to facilitate the creation of a community.  Often times we start the year with the “getting [...]

The Sounds of Science

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Being a musician and a STEAM teacher, I bet you'll never guess what my favorite unit of study is...  yep, you got it - the science of sound.  Every since I first laid eyes on an oscilloscope during my [...]