What the World Needs Now? Compassion.

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How do you talk with someone if you completely disagree with everything that person  believes?  Sally Kohn, formally a liberal FOX news contributor and current CNN political commentator, believes it is compassion.  In this country’s charged political climate, there [...]

Creating Classroom Arts Centers: Drama

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In any arts integrated classroom, implementing arts integration strategies, aligning content standards organically with standards in the fine arts, and crafting quality arts integrated lessons is key. However, there is room to allow for open-ended, creative expression of content [...]

Week 18: Arts Appreciation Course

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The Art of Curriculum Design. Revisiting the Project Expectations and Building the Proposal ***FREE Downloads!*** We are nearing the end of our six month series where we have been exploring the why and how of curriculum design via an [...]

Week 16: “Viewing” Music

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The Art of Curriculum Design. We are about 2/3 through this six month series where we have been exploring the why and how of curriculum design via an Arts Appreciation course created through an arts collaboration. During the current [...]

The Magical Tool of Tableau

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Years ago I remember sitting with a fellow teaching artist and a kindergarten classroom teacher. He was going through different areas of his curriculum and asking for integration ideas. At one point, after it had come up a number [...]

Puppets Anyone?

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Puppets.  I admit it.  When I hear the word, it doesn’t excite me.  It doesn’t motivate me.  I don’t feel drawn to seeing puppets (even though I’ve had great experiences with puppet shows I’ve seen) and I haven’t yet [...]