A Static Body Creates a Static Brain

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Happy New Year! The promise of a new year always brings about the promises of personal and professional resolutions.  Fitness, exercise, and weight loss often top the list.  What's on your 2017 list? Research shows that "regular exercise changes [...]

Social Justice & The Arts

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Social Justice has taken center stage in our society, and our digital culture hangs on every post.  Although a very touchy subject, our place as educators is to present fact, foster safe outlets for discussion, and encourage our young [...]

Creating Classroom Arts Centers: Dance

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In any arts integrated classroom, implementing arts integration strategies, aligning content standards organically with standards in the fine arts, and crafting quality arts integrated lessons is key. However, there is room to allow for open-ended, creative expression of content [...]

Week 18: Arts Appreciation Course

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The Art of Curriculum Design. Revisiting the Project Expectations and Building the Proposal ***FREE Downloads!*** We are nearing the end of our six month series where we have been exploring the why and how of curriculum design via an [...]

Week 16: “Viewing” Music

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The Art of Curriculum Design. We are about 2/3 through this six month series where we have been exploring the why and how of curriculum design via an Arts Appreciation course created through an arts collaboration. During the current [...]

The Nutcracker Project: Unit Outline

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Last week I shared how I try to embrace the month of December with my third graders by exploring and performing The Nutcracker Ballet. Find it here: https://educationcloset.com/2015/12/01/sugar-plums-soldiers-and-snowflakes-oh-my/. This arts-integrated unit spans the month of December during my language [...]

Music for Movement Integration

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One request I frequently receive from teachers who want to integrate movement into their classrooms is for music suggestions.  I totally understand.  Even if you are a music lover, you may not feel that the music in your personal [...]