How to Artfully Manage your Classroom

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Classroom management has been the boogie-man for many a teacher.  It’s one of the most important elements of a successful classroom and yet teacher training programs are infamous for not adequately training students to be ready to manage a [...]

The Science Behind Curiosity

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Teachers often teach by instinct.  They are also action researchers.  They try something, they see how the kids respond and they either do it again or don’t depending on how the students react.  One thing teachers know is that [...]

A Summer of Creative Experiences

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Four years ago I had an idea for a summer of creative experiences.  I called it my Educator Recovery Program (ERP) for those who needed to recharge after a tough school year or an Arts Immersion Program (AIP) for [...]

Collaborate?! When? How?

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One of the hardest things about teaching is the lack of time to actually talk/collaborate/share with colleagues.  It can be a very lonely profession.  Although I do see school systems trying to facilitate more collaboration among teachers, I also [...]