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ISSUE #3 • JUNE 2017

The Summer of Creativity

After a long school year, it’s time to recharge the batteries. While many of us will spend time working on curriculum, we all need to find time to let it go and connect back to our own creative juices. This issue provides great tips for making that a reality!





June is here and that means school is out for summer!  What’s better than long, lazy days of reading, sleeping in and enjoying time?

Unfortunately, for most teachers that’s not the reality.  Most of you are writing curriculum, working a second job, or ordering supplies for next school year.  And while all of that is important, it’s equally critical that we recharge our own creative batteries.

In this issue of ArtsEd Lab, we’re helping you do just that.  You’ll find fantastic tips for exploring new creative experiences, getting quiet and letting your own voice sing, and re-learning how fun it is to create for the sake of creating.

We’re also featuring an article about grit, resilience and the power of the arts that you’re not going to want to miss.  We’ve been ignoring the whole child for far too long and buzzwords aren’t going to solve that issue.  This article will get your wheels turning for how you can finally put the pieces together.

Of course, we have lots of new resources to share, too!  There’s a new high school arts integration lesson and Chris Sweeney is sharing a resource download with the essentials for bringing 3D printing to your classroom.  Is this going to be the year you try it?

And if you ARE in the middle of planning your curriculum, don’t miss our FREE Curriculum Planning Kit for elementary teachers.  This all-in-one resource is packed with templates and tools to make curriculum planning so much easier – so you can spend more time poolside.

Finally, be sure to check out our new School Spotlight series.  This month, we’re featuring a school in Michigan that has turned fundraising on its head with STEAM.

No matter how you plan to spend your summer, make time and space to get messy, play and enjoy that creative spirit.

Let the Summer of Creativity Begin!

Susan Riley, Founder of