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ISSUE #1 • APRIL 2017

Assessing Creativity

Yes – the arts promote creativity, flexibility, collaboration and originality.  No, that doesn’t mean assessment is impossible.  In this issue, we consider all of the ways that we can assess our students as a natural part of the teaching and learning cycle…in and through the arts.




The stressful season is upon us, my friends.  It’s that time that most teachers, students, parents and administrators dread: testing time.  This is the time of year when students are levied with state and national assessments for weeks on end.  And with all of the focus on scores, #2 pencils and Scantron sheets, it can be easy to push creativity aside.

But that’s exactly what we need MORE of now, not less.  During assessment season, creativity becomes a word that implies “fluff” while testing is the true measure of success and learning.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Creative learning is engaging, rigorous, meaningful, and challenging.  And it provides so much more insight into our children than a singular test ever could.

So for our inaugural issue of the new ArtsEd Lab Online Magazine, we’re challenging the idea that creativity is an aside to learning.  Instead, we’re going to show you how integrating the arts and creativity will lift all of your learners and allow them to share their comprehensive knowledge.  Our articles in this issue are filled with ideas for how to assess creativity as well as how to use the arts to foster deep engagement in the learning process.

We’re also highlighting some ways to connect with environmental learning, cross-curricular extensions, and some innovative techniques you can use as the weather gets warmer.  You’ll find lessons, videos, articles and resources, all in this FREE issue.

Let’s get ready to spring forward!



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