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These STEAM books offer step-by-step action plans, outlines, templates, case-studies, lessons and assessments so that you can get started with the arts integration or STEAM approach immediately.

These teacher resource books have become some of the leading guides in the field due to their overwhelming ease-of-use and positive reviews.

Each book is offered in either softcover format or electronic book format through, Barnes and Noble or Books a Million stores. We are proud to be able to offer these fantastic resources and books on teaching for your professional library!


  • Full color and high durability
  • Content-rich: no fluff here.  Just rich, relevant information
  • Strategic, with actionable steps provided

No Permission Required: Bringing STEAM to Life in K-12 Schools

Creativity in teaching and learning is the “secret sauce” to ensuring the success of our students in the 21st century.  As the movement from STEM to STEAM begins to gather momentum, more and more teachers are asking “are we allowed to do this?” when learning how to integrate the arts throughout their instruction.

In this teacher’s book you’ll find:

  • Case studies from schools in urban, suburban and rural districts who are implementing STEAM with success, seeing increases of up to 85% in science and math-tested areas.
  • Strategies that can be used immediately to bring a burst of STEAM into any classroom.
  • Fully-developed STEAM lessons and assessment samples in grade bands from K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12.

All written in a conversational style which seeks to bring rich learning and practical application to the reader.

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STEAM Point Workbook

  • Are you struggling with assessing the Arts and other process-based learning?  
  •  Do you want to find ways to authentically embed STEM strategies within instruction?

In this book, you’ll find practical solutions for Curriculum Mapping, Lesson Seeds and Assessments which are aligned with and correlated to the Common Core State Standards.

What’s Included?

1. Formatted in a logical, beautiful way.  This book is divided into 3 parts: Curriculum Mapping, Lesson Seeds, and Assessments.  The whole teacher’s book is printed in vibrant color using a full bleed on the page.  And the back contains 4 Appendices that share the Common Core Standards, STEM Standards of Practice, Fine Arts Standards, Arts Elements, and Strategy Guides.

2. Alignment.  All of the Curriculum Maps are aligned to the Common Core Standards for English and Math, the Lesson Seeds provide clear natural links across subject areas and the Assessment Strategies tie in Common Core Standards, Rubrics, Formative and Performance Assessments that are authentic to both areas.

3. Reproduce-ability.  This book not only provides you with ready-made maps, lesson seeds and assessments, it also provides you with templates to help you create your own, and assessment materials for both teachers and students that you can copy as you need.

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Shake the Sketch: An Arts Integration Workbook

We can Shake the Sketch in education. Wipe the slate clean and take a good look at the wonderful possibilities that strategies like Arts Integration can afford to our students.

Throughout this workbook, you’ll learn what Arts Integration is, how it’s revolutionizing education and how to successfully implement it in your classroom, school or district using a proven process. We’ll explore the research behind Arts Integration, how to make your vision of student success a reality, and how to help your whole school community become invested in each student’s potential. Everything from writing lesson plans to providing professional development is covered, including sample lesson plans, templates and access to many supplemental media materials.

Engaging in the Arts, making critical connections beyond the classroom and providing our students with the valuable understanding of processes will shake their world – and ours – forever.


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A Vocal Advocate: Arts Advocacy Workbook

This workbook has been developed specifically for arts area teachers (visual art, music, drama and dance) as a way to learn how to advocate the importance of their individual programs within the school community.

This interactive teacher’s book focuses on developing relationships with the school staff, students, parents and local community, as well as using social media, traditional media avenues and networking through conferences and professional development.

If you’re looking for positive techniques that will showcase your program and advocate for its rightful position at the local bargaining table during these difficult budget times, this is the book for you!

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