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The Accelerator will open in January 2020.

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The Accelerator is currently closed while we focus on supporting our members. But you can get this sample STEAM resource… for FREE!

Arts Integration and STEAM membership area

The Arts Integration and STEAM Accelerator is a personalized learning platform for integrating the arts in any classroom and at any teaching stage.  

So you can skip the overwhelm and get back to the joy of teaching.


25 PD hours each

Take an online class in arts integration, STEAM, PBL, Assessment or Classroom Management.

(Valued at $995 if purchased separately)


200+ K-12 Lessons

Ready-made lessons, powerpoints, assessments and student resources for grades K-12.

(Valued at $598 if purchased separately)


Unlimited PD

Bite-sized PD videos grouped into themes each month. 1-2 hours each. Resources included.

(Valued at $300 if purchased separately)


10 PD hours each

Watch over 25+ sessions during each conference event. Handouts and unlimited viewing included.

(Valued at $450 if purchased separately)

Resource Library

Tools for your Classroom

Professionally-designed resources, forms, idea sheets and more. Download and start using right away.

(Valued at $399 if purchased separately)

Video Library

View arts integration in action

Need to see a strategy or arts integrated lesson? These videos show examples in real classrooms.

(Valued at $299 if purchased separately)

Accelerator Program Overview

This affordable membership provides you with everything you need to add rocketfuel to your teaching and boost your success with Arts Integration and STEAM.

Inside, you’ll find   all of our courses, conferences, and resources,   along with a full video library of arts integration and STEAM in action – you’ll see lessons and strategies being used with students in real-world settings.  

Plus, you’ll get access to live coaching calls to help you troubleshoot your challenges and get tailored advice and support for your next steps.

It’s personalized learning for teachers, by teachers!

This is your one-stop shop for connection, inspiration, resources and streamlined trainings to help turn YOUR classroom into the most innovative space in the school.

The Accelerator will keep you focused on and working towards using arts integration and STEAM effectively based on your own personal goals (without spending hours scouring the whole internet for your next lesson, conference, course or PD hours).

I Couldn’t Teach Any Other Way

I feel very compelled to express my gratitude for helping make STEAM so purposeful, easy, and second nature. To me, it simply makes sense. My students perform better, enjoy my lessons, and love the connections to the Arts and the other disciplines. In my classroom, it may even come across as “ordinary”.  I don’t think I could teach any other way.  Grateful…..and loving teaching.

– BETTY JO MOORE, Middle School Science Teacher


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