Teacher friends…that special day is almost here.  Halloween!  And whether you love it or dread it, we have a grab bag of goodies just for you.  These lessons, articles and tips will make your Halloween fly by faster than if you were on a broomstick.


Looking for a lesson to try with your students that highlights the day but doesn’t go overboard?  Try these:

Thrilling Information – Who doesn’t love a little Michael Jackson throwback?  For grades 2-3, connecting E/LA and Music.

Macabre Stories – This one works with the classic symphonic poem Danse Macabre.  For grades 2-3, connecting E/LA and Music.

Musical Notation – This festive lesson combines musical notation and observational drawing skills. For grades 6-8, connecting Music and Art.

Masking Mirrors – Dias de los Muertos is a significant cultural event for many students. This lesson for grades 6-8 connects Social Studies and Art.


Sometimes, you don’t need a whole lesson.  Maybe you just want a few new activities to try.  These should do the trick:

Halloween Internet Scavenger Hunt – What’s more fun than a scavenger hunt?  Combining it with Halloween and Internet Searches.

TASK Parties – If you’ve never tried a TASK party, now is the time to start. Students create art and collaborate at the same time.

22 Fun Halloween Classroom Games – This list from WeAreTeachers is a combines creativity and learning that will get your students talking for days.

Monster Mash – Check out this high school activity connecting tech with visual arts from our friends at Edutopia.

Halloween Jokes Cootie Catcher – For our younger students (pre-K and Kinders), this is a fun activity to make this scary day a bit lighter.

Image courtesy of Left Brain Craft Brain


Of course, any special day in school means a test to your classroom management plan.  Here’s some tips to help keep calm and carry on:

Creative Movement as Classroom Management – This is especially helpful when our students seem to have lots of energy they need to release.

How to Keep Your Students Calm and Focused – One of our favorite authors, Michael Linsin, shares 4 easy but powerful tips for managing your classroom during holidays and special activities.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have a favorite Halloween lesson or activity? Share it with us in the comments below!