See Think Wonder: Winter Photography Round-Up

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See Think Wonder is one of my favorite Arts Integration Strategies.  Learn more about this strategy.

What is See Think Wonder?

This is a visible thinking strategy shared through Project Zero. You begin by looking at an image or a problem and asking the students “What do you see” and writing everything they say down in the column.  Then, you ask “What do you think” about anything that they noticed.  This probes them to look a little deeper at what they noticed on the surface to see if there is any significance to it.  Finally, you ask students “What do you wonder?”, which allows them to take what they thought about the image or problem and let their imaginations run wild… what is the setting, what happened to cause this problem, why did the author/painter/creator set it up this way, what are we supposed to take away from this?  These are all high-level inquiries that propel our students into discovering the “answers” for themselves.

Why I Use This Strategy: Flexibility

You can really tailor this strategy to your specific needs. You can use See, Think, Wonder to introduce a lesson or unit and as a warm-up when students come into the classroom.

I also love how creative and brain exercising it can be. Additionally, it keeps me on my toes and keeps me searching for interesting paintings, photographs, mathematical inventions, scientific discoveries, and historical moments.

There are many changes and extensions you can make to this strategy as well. For instance, students can write out their responses or they can share them as a class. Individuals can keep a journal of responses or a chart can be made during discussion. It can also be a short activity or a long, more in-depth conversation. It is completely flexible and perfect for people just trying out Arts Integration.

To get you started with using this amazing “See, Think, Wonder” strategy, I have collected some interesting, winter-themed, discussion fueling images that you can introduce to your classroom today!

Winter Photography Links for See, Think, Wonder Strategy


These photographs can easily allow you to include the See, Think, Wonder Arts Integration strategy in your classroom today!

How can photography enhance your instruction? Let us know in the comments below!





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