Winter can be a magical time for Arts Integration. There are so many topics to focus on and hands-on projects that can be used to fuel engagement and reinforce learning.

Classroom and arts teachers can use these links to inspire some festive winter fun.

Math and Sculpture

  • Create a snowman using geometric forms.
    • Geometric Snowman by: Minieco HERE
  • Create some unique winter origami and paper crafts.
    • 15 DIY Paper Holiday Decor Projects by: Curbly HERE

Math and Mixed Media

  • Create a winter scene that emphasizes measurements and angles.
    • Colorful Christmas Trees by: Kids Artists HERE

Science and Sculpture

  • Create a festive winter sculpture with these colorful icicles.
    • Creating Colorful Icicles by: Housing a Forest HERE
  • Use this science experiment to create an instant ice sculpture.
    • Instant Ice: Winter Science Experiment for Kids by: Raising Lifelong Learners HERE

Scientific Method and Sculpture

  • As a class, test these recipes for fake snow and document your findings.
    • Fake Snow Lab-Testing the Best Recipes for Artificial Snow by: Left Brain Craft Brain HERE

Science, Technology, and Music

  • Document this experiment by taking a video of the reaction. Compose some music to go along with your snow storm.
    • Snow Storm in a Jar by: Growing a Jeweled Rose HERE

Science and Drawing/Painting

  • Create a unique work of art with ice chalk
    • Play Recipe – Ice Chalk by: Growing a Jeweled Rose HERE

Winter Collections

  • Winter Science Experiments You Can Do Without Snow by: Schooling a Monkey HERE
  • 10 Winter STEAM Challenges for Kids by: Kids STEAM Lab HERE
  • Folding Christmas Fractals and Koch Snowflakes by: Artful Maths HERE
  • STEAM Up Your Classroom with Snowflakes by: Education Closet HERE
  • Christmas Tree Engineering Project by: Little Bins for Little Hands HERE
  • Build a Snowflake Tinker Tray by: What Can We Do With Paper and Glue HERE

How will you use Arts Integration in your classroom this winter? Let us know in the comments below!