African American Architects Lesson

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Some things just go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly.  When it comes to arts integration, architecture is that PB&J.  It combines visual art, design, math and, of course, science inherently in every aspect.

Often, when we talk about great American architects, we think of Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, and Michael Graves.  But what doesn’t get as much attention? African American Architects.

In our February lesson packs for the IntegratED Curriculum, we’re completely focusing on African American artists and influencers.  It’s important to recognize and study people of all backgrounds. Our students need to see people who look (and don’t look) like them.

For today’s free Arts Integration and STEAM Lesson, we’re showcasing one of the lessons in this upcoming pack for 3rd grade.


Inside this Lesson:

  • Intentional connections between math and visual art standards
  • Exploring the blueprints and architecture of Vertner Woodson Tandy, Robert Taylor and Paul Williams
  • Measuring areas of rectangles using overlapping and non-overlapping techniques.
  • Creating a blueprint of a dream home using an area of 50 squares on grid paper


If you enjoy this lesson seed, do be sure to check out the IntegratED Curriculum.  You can subscribe anytime and instantly access lessons, assessments, student resources and video-based PD.  There’s so much more to explore in this lesson than just this one component.  I hope this gets you started and that you’ll continue to explore the important work of all innovators.






  1. Rochelle Williams January 24, 2019 at 5:31 pm - Reply

    Thanks so much for a great variety of lessons and other wonderful teaching resources. Just a quick that I experienced great difficulty trying to download. Perhaps it was too busy at the time I was trying. Thanks for the opportunity to try a lesson or two for free, it is much appreciated! R. Williiams

  2. Julia February 11, 2019 at 12:43 pm - Reply

    Hello! This lesson sounds very neat! But where do I find the Architect Folder and resources for Step 2? Do I need to collect these myself or are they available somewhere? Thanks!

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