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As we head back to a new semester/second half of the year, we educators are back into lesson planning mode.  But those first 5 days of any new semester can be tricky.  How you start those first few days can often set you up for how the rest of the time with your students will go, especially dealing with behavior management plans.

In those first 5 days, you’re going to need to cover behavior management plans, emergency procedures, grading policies and oh yeah…some actual lessons!  How do you get through all of that and create a classroom culture of risk-taking, positive support, and high-expectations?

I like to use the First 5 Days Framework which is the Behavior Management Plans.  This guide can be used to help you plan your lessons for that first week, or it can be condensed and used within one class period (though in a much more limited fashion.  Take a look:

First 5 days framework, Behavior Management Plans, Education Closet


If you’re a classroom teacher, you can use this guide for one content area that you plan to connect with Arts Integration or STEAM throughout the year.  Or, you can use it for your first unit of the year that combines multiple subject areas.

If you’re an arts educator, you might teach the same lesson 35-40 times that first week with students in all grades. This framework allows you to switch up the medium or focus while going through all stages in a single class.

Project-based learning is also a great way to incorporate this kind of framework.  If you’re looking for specific strategies for using PBL and the arts, definitely check out our PBL in the Arts Online Class. You’ll find even more helpful tools like this.