Thanksgiving Internet Scavenger Hunt builds computer competency and research skills. Plus they’re fun! These can be used as stand-alone activities or races.

I use Thanksgiving Internet Scavenger Hunt with Google Classroom, but there are many platforms out there that you can use. If you are treating this as a race, make sure that there is a timestamp available.

This is a Thanksgiving Themed Paste-A-Pic Scavenger Hunt. Students copy and paste images from an internet search. It is broken into categories: History, Food, and Festivities. This reinforces the ability to search for accurate information and images. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Internet Scavenger Hunt, Education Closet



















  • 3 Pics of Foods Found at the First Thanksgiving
  • Who wanted Turkey to be the National Bird of the United States?
  • Which President declared Thanksgiving a National Holiday?
  • Route the Pilgrims Sailed
  • What did the Pilgrims Sail In
  • 2 Historical Paintings of what the First Thanksgiving might have looked like
  • 2 Towns Named Turkey, Their Location, and State


  • 4 Uses for Leftover Turkey
  • An Interesting Thanksgiving Meal
  • 4 Types of Pie
  • 2 Ingredients in Cranberry Sauce besides Cranberries
  • What state is the top-turkey producer?
  • World’s Largest Turkey
  • 4 Top-Cranberry Producing States
  • Pic of the Largest Pumpkin Pie


  • 3 Pics of Deflated Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Floats
  • 1 Pic of a Cornucopia
  • 2 Football Teams who have never played on Thanksgiving
  • The First Football Teams to play on Thanksgiving Day, 1922
  • 3 Pics of what you will be doing on Thanksgiving

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How can you incorporate Thanksgiving Internet Scavenger Hunt into your curriculum? Let us know in the comments below!