In today’s smART ideas video tip, I’m sharing a whole new way to rearrange your planning time.  It’s called “batching” and it can truly transform how you utilize the precious time that you get to plan and organize your lessons.

So often, our planning time becomes a scattered mess.  We’re running to make copies, set up our room for the next class, going to the bathroom, and (if there’s time left) maybe doing a little lesson planning.  Today’s video shares how I get rid of all that stress and instead, maximize your planning time so that you stay in your own creative flow.

Make no mistake: lesson planning is a creative endeavor.  Laying out a great lesson, thinking through the progression, and developing an engaging learning experience requires creativity and vigorous thought.  And once you start down that pathway, you get into a “zone” where things are flowing and the work is coming easy.  But it’s hard to get into that zone or STAY in the zone when you’ve got 20 other things you’re trying to accomplish in that limited time frame.

So instead, I’d like you to try this Batching Technique that I’m sharing today.  It seems counterintuitive at first, but once you try it, I think you’ll find that you actually accomplish more in one week then you’ve been able to do in three weeks combined.  And if you’re looking for more ways to maximize your planning, definitely take a look at our Creative Mindset Blueprint online course.  There’s an entire section dedicated to helping you through the collaborative planning process!

The Planning Time Challenge

Watch today’s video and then give the batching process a try for one week.  Organize your planning time so that you batch your tasks and then at the end of the week, jot down what you were able to create and get through.  If it works – great!  Keep going with it.  If not, then at least you gave the idea a try and you’ve had a week that’s a little less stressful than most.

When you’re done with the challenge, come back here and let us know how it went in the comments area below.  We’d love to hear from you!