If you’re planning on revamping or revitalizing your curriculum and lessons, this is one planning document I really recommend you download.  This planner helps you organize your thinking around what you need to consider when planning for the year, as well as outlines opportunities for naturally-aligned Arts Integration and STEAM lessons.  One of my most utilized documents as a teacher is the Scope and Sequence.  It helps me to focus on what’s important as well as see the bigger picture in lesson and assessment design.

In this episode of smART Ideas, I’m showing you exactly how to use the Integrated Scope and Sequence planner, as well as some ideas for extending its use beyond just a simple reference tool. If you like this, please be sure to download your own free copy below.  And, if you’re looking for more resources like this, check out our online courses.  We provide tools and downloads just like this for all of our enrolled participants.  Happy planning!

scope and sequence planner