Overview: This lesson is designed to help students read line in text and a piece of art, as well as to write with this line focus.

Grade Level: 1-2

Content Areas: Writing and Visual Art

This lesson is such a perfect way to integrate reading, writing and visual art through one of the most loved picture books ever: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.  I was actually given this book for my high school graduation, but I’ve used it for various purposes in grades 1-5.  The message is meaningful, the character development is rich and the illustrations are simple yet cut to the heart of the story.

In this lesson, we’re focusing on the idea of LINE.  In early elementary, students need practice with exploring how authors and artists create and use line in their work.  For example, how does the way that the author writes a sentence communicate a complete idea?  Or, how does the choice of line that an artist uses (straight, thick, zig zag, etc) effect an image?

By pairing these two naturally parallel ideas together, students deepen their understanding of line across both content areas.  Enjoy this lesson – it’s a true favorite of mine!

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