Driving Questions for Arts-Based Inquiry: An Overview

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Driving Questions for Arts-Based Inquiry

In this new series,  Driving Questions for Arts Based Inquiry, we’ll be developing arts-based questions for inquiry and project based learning. Each installment will focus on one of the process strands in the National Core Arts Standards (creating, performing/presenting/producing, responding, connecting). We’ll be looking at the essential questions built into the NCAS, finding real-world contexts, making connections to other content areas, and providing some project seeds to help you develop arts-based or arts-integrated PBLs for your classroom!

Next month, we’ll dive into our our first process strand of the National Core Arts Standards called creating. But, before we do that we’d like to kick off this series by providing you with a FREE downloadable infographic as a reference as we embark on this journey of developing driving questions. Be sure to download your free infographic HERE, and stay tuned throughout this series as we work together to create arts-based and arts integrated driving questions for your classroom!

Driving Questions Infographic

Driving Questions Infographic

Be sure to check out Driving Questions to Guide Inquiry-Based Learning in the Arts for background information on driving questions. If you’re looking to develop your own arts-based or arts integrated PBL, check out our Project Based Learning in the Arts online class!

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