As we begin 2016, behaviors are some of the top things on teachers’ minds.  But there are two different (yet related) types of behaviors that really determine both student success and classroom culture.  The first is classroom management behaviors: how students respond and participate in the classroom environment.  The second – and the one we’re going to focus on today – are thinking behaviors.


These both go hand-in-hand, of course.  But they also can stand alone as strategies we can work on explicitly with our students.  When it comes to Thinking Behaviors, we want our students to actively look for ways that they can problem-solve, critique, reflect and dialogue about their learning.


In today’s video tip, I’m sharing with you a fantastic chart I found from the ProDivas website on their PD Bites blog.  You definitely have to check out these amazing teachers!  They share great resources like this behavior chart and practical tips that will help lift your teaching, no matter what content area you specialize in. Here’s to a great kickoff to the new year!