How many times have you been in one of those awkward situations where the conversation just dies?  Whether it’s around a holiday table, or in the teacher’s lounge, it can be really tough to pull out of that moment!


That’s why I love it when places have conversation cards.  These are a stack of random questions meant to spark discussion, and get the ball rolling again.  I’ve found that you can use these little gems in the classroom!  If you’re finding that students are responding with the same old tired phrases, or thinking more linearly than you’d like, these can be a terrific way to spark those imaginative ideas again.


In today’s video tip, I’m sharing with you how I created some of these cards, and how I use them with students.  You can get fancy and have them printed up on cardstock, or you can use some old business cards and tape the questions on the back.  Either way works!  What matters is you’re getting those creative juices flowing.


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Need that template?

Here’s a copy of the questions that I used and a blank version of the template that you can use to fill in your own.  Both are available as a PDF download below!

conversation starters