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Are you completely stuffed with turkey, holiday deals and the constant harried feeling that the beginning of December brings?  Good, me too!  This is actually a great month to try some arts integration lessons you may have been putting off for a while.  This is the month where students are naturally a little more energized and it’s also a time where academically, there’s not as much curricular pressure.

Certainly, you’re welcome to download any of our free lessons to help get you started.  But what if you wanted to create your own?  In today’s episode, I’m sharing my arts integration lesson planning process so that you can get a glimpse into how we do it here at EdCloset.  This format is pretty straight-forward, but it can help to lay it all out and see how the sequence flows.

The nice thing about this planning process is that it builds a sense of consistency into your lessons.  Your students know right away what to expect, immediately begin to start paying attention to connections and naturally work at a higher level.

Be sure to check out our show notes below to download the checklist I reference in today’s broadcast, as well as a sample lesson.  And stay tuned to next Thursday’s show when we welcome EdCloset’s Dean of Learning Studios and in-house PBL and the Arts expert Brianne DeFrang.  I can’t wait to talk all things Project Based Learning with her!


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