“SmART Ideas”

Great news!  Today, we are launching a brand new FREE weekly video series called “SmART Ideas”.  Every Tuesday, we’ll be sharing a 2-3 minute video tip, strategy, lesson or assessment idea you can use immediately in your classroom.  This will replace our EdCloset On-Demand Series (and we’ll let you in on why in tomorrow’s SparkChasers podcast episode). We’re really looking forward to giving you a weekly jolt of inspiration.


For the first episode of the series, I’m sharing a grading tool that has been useful to me and my students.  This goes right along with our Standards-Based Grading master class and workbook, but it’s more student-centered.  I find that when students really have an understanding of what we’re looking for in terms of their skills and processes, it leads to greater ownership of their learning.  How do you answer the question, “what does my grade mean?” – take a look!


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What do you think about this student guide?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!