Since we ran our live free workshop last Tuesday for our new membership option, I wasn’t able to record a new Periscope for Educators this week.  But I am sharing something else that I think will be even more helpful to you. Today, I’m sharing two cheat sheets with you: how to CREATE and VIEW a Periscope for Educators.  These two printables will help you get up and running quickly on this exciting new social media platform.

Granted, our social media choices are out of control – between Facebook, Pinstagram, and TweetIn, it’s hard to keep them all straight.  I’m super excited by the possibilities of Periscope for Educators, though, and particularly for educators.  As teachers and administrators, we can often get stuck in our own bubble: our classroom, our school, our district, our community.  It can be really easy to get stuck or feel like it’s “just the way things are”.

With Periscope for Educators, it’s like having a quick view of what it’s like for everyone else out there.  Some things will look the same and other things can give us creative ideas/solutions to things we thought we’d have to put up with forever.  It can be a platform for us all to both share and learn best practices, new ideas, and interactive lifelines in education.

As with most new technology, however, it can feel overwhelming to try and figure out yet another platform.  So today I have created for you two printable resources that you can use to help you get up and running with Periscope for Educatorsin under 5 minutes.  It’s super simple to use!  Just click each image to download.

(Please keep in mind that this is just the basics – we’ll get into some more advanced ways you can share and connect with this platform in an upcoming article.)

#1: Viewing/Using Periscope

Just want to see what’s out there and get used to the whole idea?  Then you’ll want to start with simply viewing other educators’ Periscopes and maybe participating in a Q&A session or commenting on a new idea you discover.  This is the cheat sheet for you!

Creating and Viewing a Periscope for Educators, Education Closet

#2: Creating a Periscope

Ready to share what’s happening in your classroom or school?  Have a fantastic lesson you’re excited to share with others?  Then you’ll want this guide to creating a Periscope of your own.

Creating and Viewing a Periscope for Educators, Education Closet

BONUS!  Quick Video Tutorial

Sometimes, it’s just easier to see how to do something.  So just in case you’re a visual learner like me that needs a model, here’s a quick video that I put together for our email subscribers a few weeks ago that walks you through signing up, using and creating on Periscope.



#3: Some Folks to Follow

What’s the fun of signing up for a new social media tool if you can’t be “social”? If you’re looking for some awesome educators to follow right away, here’s a list of some of my favorites:

Diane Bleck: @discoverydoodles

Sean Gaillard: @smgaillard

Beth Elliston: @KidsCreateArt

#K12ArtChat: @TeamGrundler

Jim Detwiler: @JimDetwiler1

Andrew McCormick: @aojomccormick

And me! @susanrileyphoto

Anyone else we should follow?  Let us know in the comments below so that we can all build our PLN and grow!