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It’s here – the final episode of season 3 on SparkChasers.  What an incredible ride!  This has been our most popular season yet, with more shares, comments, emails and subscribers than ever before.  Thank you for tuning in with us each week!

To celebrate our big conclusion to the Creative Process, today I’m sharing with you my “secret-sauce” recipe for a winning lesson every time.  You can use this with arts integration lessons or in any of your content-specific lessons – it doesn’t really matter.  The 3-steps in this process work no matter what.

I’m also a believer in making any process “real” by providing a practical example.  In today’s episode, I’m also providing you with a sample lesson that connects math and dance that you can borrow for your own classroom.  I walk you through the lesson step-by-step and show you how it connects with each part of the Creative Process we’ve discussed all season long.

Now…did you catch that last part on the podcast today?  As a listener, you’re able to get a special discount off your membership fee to the Learning Studios.  Members in the Learning Studios receive ALL of these benefits:

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It has been such a pleasure connecting with all of you this season on SparkChasers!  Stay tuned for Season 4 (coming your way at the end of October) where we’ll be discussing Project-Based Learning, STEAM and Arts Integration!