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Genius: everyone has one.  But it’s sometimes challenging to figure out where our genius zone is and how to access it. After all – most times as an educator, mother, or wife I’m not feeling like THAT much of a smarty-pants.  Oh how I wish I was!

In today’s episode of SparkChasers, we’re investigating how to find your creative genius and use it as the fuel to reignite your classroom.  And it’s not just about us as teachers.  It’s about how we can help our students find their own genius and share it with the world.  That means not just projects, but instead projects that make a meaningful difference in some way.  That leads to multiple layers of learning and that, my friends, can transform anyone.

We’re also taking time this episode to think about what happens after our students leave us and our cocoon of working through the creative process.  Will they use that process outside of our classrooms or will it just be a nice memory to share with their friends or children 10 or 20 years down the line?  In the end, the creative learning process is about so much more than our classrooms.  It’s about learning how to live a creative life.

Today’s episode is a bit longer than most – clocking in at 26 minutes! – but the big questions we explore is the very one that we constantly bump up against: “why the arts?”


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The Musician’s Soul from Dr. James Jordan


Your turn: how do you build in opportunities for students to move through the creative process in your classroom?  What are your struggles or successes?  Let us know in the comments below!