Evaluating The Creative Process With Students

When all the “creating” in class ceases, the hard part begins.  Letting go of your work and preparing for the evaluation.  This can be a time of anxiety and worry, especially for our students.  They need the support and the tools to both help them accept and provide constructive feedback on creative work.

Unfortunately, we don’t spend enough time teaching how to provide critique.  So, our students (and who are we kidding – us, too) are caught in a cycle of fear, anxiety and worry over how their work will be both interpreted and evaluated by both the teachers and their peers.  Plus, if we ask them to provide feedback for others, the “uh…it was good” response is typically the most we get.

In today’s SparkChasers podcast, I’m sharing where to find the tools our students need and how to prepare them for this big leap.


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Show Notes:

Seth Godin on Vulnerability, Creative Courage and How to Dance with Fear

Research Paper on A Semantic Map for Evaluating Creativity

Assessing Creativity Rubrics from Educational Leadership

Arts Integration and Creativity Assessment Rubrics and Articles from EdCloset


Your Turn: What evaluation tools do you use when it comes to creativity and critique in your classroom?  Share out in the comments below!