Creativity vs. Creating

We hear it all the time: we need to boost student creativity!  The arts will bring back the creative skills our students need!  Creativity is the currency of the 21st century economy!

Certainly, we want our students to explore creativity and build their creative skills.  But you can have all the skills in the world and without a chance to USE them, they are worthless.  The true deep and meaningful learning takes place in the application of the skills and in the act of creating itself.

Creating is a VERB – we must actually engage in the action of making in order for creative skills to come to life.  In today’s episode of EducationCloset On-Demand, I’m using this basic idea as a starting point for a conversation on where we spend our instructional time.  Because where our students spend their time is a big factor in determining their success. This is where the creativity vs. creating inspiration comes from.

What do you do to spark creativity? How are you creating creativity?

I’d love to know: how much time do you have students actually CREATING in your classroom?  How can we shift the balance to provide more time for this given scheduling constraints?  Let us know in the comments below!