SparkChasers Podcast:

You were created to create. I heard this one Sunday afternoon and was immediately struck silent for a moment.  If this holds true, why do we spend so much time teaching mind-numbing skills and provide a laughable amount of opportunities to actually DO something with those skills?  Shouldn’t it be the other way around?  It’s one of the reasons why schools that invest their money into more arts classes (not less) actually see bigger gains in student achievement.  We are ALL created to create.

But still, people seem to need proof.  So in this episode of the SparkChasers podcast, we’re exploring the science connecting the act of creating and our minds, bodies, and emotions.  We’re also looking at the 5 characteristics of grit (as a part of Angela Duckworth’s work) and how they are actively engaged when we are focused on the ACT of creating.  This is an episode that truly goes to the heart of why we do what we do.

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The Secrets of the Creative Brain article by Nancy Andreasen

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Sound off: what is your favorite way to create?