Analysis can be a challenge for anyone, but can be almost scary for our students.  How many times have you asked the dreaded question, “what do you think about this?” and received the equally dreaded answer, “it’s good”?  Better yet, how many times have you given that answer?

When asked to analyze a piece of text (both traditional and non-traditional like a musical composition or piece of choreography), our students often jump straight to what they think about the text or what it means to them.  Analysis is different – it requires you to look at the piece from all angles, find details others may miss, and slowly begin to see how the pieces fit together.  That’s hard for everyone!  So what can we do to help our students with this skill in our classrooms?

In this episode of SparkChasers, we’ll talk about how you can frame analysis through the creative process, prompts that will help your students dig deeply when reading both traditional and non-traditional texts, and to both provide evidence and synthesize the text in a meaningful way.

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So…what do you think?  Be sure to share your insights and ideas below on this part of the creative process – we’d love to hear from you!


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