Strategies For Building Description Skills

How many times have you asked students to describe something and hear, “it’s good” or “I liked it”?  Getting students to go into detail about anything is a challenge, but it is so important as a foundational skill of the creative process.

Yes – I did just use the word SKILL.  For instance, this means that describing needs to be introduced, practiced, and presented. Just like any other skill we develop in the classroom. In this episode of SparkChasers, I’m sharing 3 strategies you can use within 10 minutes to get students to describe with detail, clarity and (gasp!) excitement.

What’s really interesting about both the Description element of the creative process and the 3 strategies I share are their connections to building focus in our classrooms.  For instance, to be able to describe a problem, idea, solution or process we all need to be able to focus on what’s important, and to shut out what’s not.  This episode will help you piece this all together and even connect it with some Common Core and Core Arts Standards along the way!

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