Have you ever found yourself wishing there was a social media tool designed specifically for students that you could use safely in the classroom?

One without the need to jump through a bunch of hoops,  AND could be used for a variety of instructional purposes?  If so, we’ve found a solution that might help!  Creatubbles is an online social media tool designed with kids in mind!

What Is Creatubbles?

When I first spoke with Paul Greenberg, the co-founder of Creatubbles, my mind swam through all the possibilities for using this simple tool in our classrooms.  At first glance, it feels like a cross between Pinterest (with a grid layout) and Facebook (you can “like” a piece of artwork with bubbles).  Then, I noticed each bubble you place on someone’s work you like can have a comment attached. Each artwork upload can have an artist statement attached – either through writing OR via audio.  So, it reminded me a bit of Artsonia or Three Ring.

In the end, I think what’s great about this tech tool is it’s a curation, creation, and reflection tool using art as a medium for all three.  Since it was designed for children, it’s easy to use.  My 5-year old daughter figured out how to upload, comment, and share artwork within 5 minutes. However, it’s not just mesmerizing to children. The gallery features, and artists statement capabilities engage even the most sophisticated user.

In today’s EducationCloset On-Demand episode, I take you on a tour of Creatubbles functionalities. As well as providing some ideas for ways you can use this as a tool in your arts integration and education classes.

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So what did you think?  Is your mind swimming like mine?  Since it’s summer, why not try out the platform. Play with some of its features?  After all – it’s free and could provide you with the resource you need for your next lesson, unit, or even back-to-school arts night.

I’d love to hear from you: how would you envision using this arts-based social media tool?  Let’s brainstorm some possibilities together!