It’s the middle of summer and the STEAM is certainly starting to rise as we head into the month of July!  What better time to kick off our July 2015 Issue of STEAMed?

In this issue, we’re getting into the nitty-gritty of how to bring STEAM to any level: classroom, school or even district.  Inside these pages are lesson ideas, strategies, and tools that you can peruse throughout the summer to ensure a great kickoff to your school year through arts integration and STEAM.


We’re also highlighting lots of different initiatives that are happening all around the country from organizations that are seeking to partner with schools in and outside the school walls to bring the arts to every facet of our students’ days.  And if you’re interested in how a school becomes a STEAM Magnet, you don’t want to miss my good friend, Sean Gaillard’s insightful narrative of what he’s learned along that journey.


Finally, we’ve also compiled our latest STEAM summer resource guide with links to over 40 PD opportunities, websites, books, and resources – many of which are FREE – to help you streamline your planning during these summer months.

ENJOY this free magazine issue and be sure to share and subscribe to get the October issue a full week before everyone else.  Happy summer!