Do you ever find yourself struggling to come up with any new ideas?

It might be spicing up a stale (but tried-and-true) lesson plan, figuring out how to present material a different way so all your students really “get it”, or even just creating your own art.  Sometimes creativity can feel so elusive!

In today’s EdCloset On-Demand episode, we’re tackling how to get out of a creative rut with one simple change: your location!  And, I’m sharing some ways that you can use this same idea in your classroom throughout the year to give your students a creative “jumpstart” as well.

What’s great about this whole idea is that you don’t have to leave your classroom to make it happen.  Sure – it’s helpful to get out of the room and maybe hold class outside (my students loved it when we had music outside!), but it’s not necessary.  With a few alterations, you can reset your classroom to be a creativity hub.


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Here’s my summertime challenge for you: try this yourself.  Once a week, do one of your routines in a new place.  Maybe it’s listening to a podcast while taking a walk rather than in the car.  Maybe it’s folding your laundry in the family room rather than in the laundry room.  Whatever it is, try doing a mundane task in a new place and see how you feel afterwards. You might be surprised at what a change of scenery can do for your creative mindset!

Sound off: how do you switch things up during the year?  Share out in the comments below!