In this episode, we explore why there is such a huge gap between school district-level offices and schools themselves.  Greg and I have both been in various roles at the school-level and at central office.  What’s remarkable is that once you get to central office, there is a fairly common journey that happens for most educators.

You start out with the good intentions of thinking you’ll be able to help MORE teachers and effect bigger change.  But eventually, you start to look around and notice that there is an underground culture that you never planned on when you took the job.

Ever wonder if people in central office really know what’s happening in schools?  And why does it seem like there might be double standards in your district?  Get the scoop in this latest installment!



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Episode 9 Notes:

Central Office Transformation.  A report from the Wallace Foundation.

Reculturing Central Office from School Administrator Magazine.

Transforming, not Reforming School Leadership from EdWeek.

Book alert: SCRUM – the Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time

Why Gantt Charts Don’t Work – why do we still use them in district-level planning?

Take a tour of the iRobot Cool Stuff Room

Book alert #2: Learning to Improve – How American’s Schools Can Get Better at Getting Better