Is it spring break yet?  If you’re lucky enough to still have some spring break days left after all the snow this year, I hope you are planning on doing something revitalizing during your time off.  This has always been tough for me since the work I do and the passions I have in my life are closely intertwined. So today, we’re talking about revitalization tips for your breaks.

Here’s what happens to me during break periods:

1. I sleep in for an extra hour and savor the fact that I don’t have to be anywhere or do anything.

2. Within approximately 1 hour, I have started to catch up on household chores or my “to-do” list.

3. By day 2 (if I’m lucky), I’m already at my computer just “catching up on a few things”.

4. Before I know it, my break is almost over and it feels like I haven’t had a break at all.


If this sounds familiar to you, take heart!  There IS a way to be more intentional with your time off so that you can return refreshed and ready to bring your best self to your work.  In today’s On-Demand Video, I am sharing with you the tips that I use to keep myself on track during breaks so that they are truly revitalizing and not just an excuse for getting more work done. Enjoy your break!


Your turn: what do YOU do to help relax over your time off?  Share out in the comments below – I’d love to learn some new tricks that work for you!