Integrated Alphabet Soup

Let’s play a game of “have you ever”.  I’ll start…

Have you ever attended a social event, and started making small talk about your day?  You begin by discussing the fact that you’re a PBL school with a focus on STEAM but that your AI lessons are hard to develop because there is just not enough collaborative planning time due to all the IEP meetings.

It’s no wonder people look at us like we have three heads sometimes!   All those acronyms – what do they all mean?  And I’m not just talking about their definitions.  IS there a difference between these letters or are we really just trying to get to the same endpoint?

In today’s EdCloset On-Demand Video, we’re exploring the natural intersections between the letters in our alphabet soup and how they all come together for our students.

What do you think?  Do all having all of these initiatives and acronyms really matter?  How do you make sense of it all?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts below!